Performance Mindset

Mental skills training for high performance organizations
"We don't experience the world as it is, we experience it as we are"

An untrained mind produces excess stress and mental weakness

Even when we succeed, work and life feel like a stressful means to an end. This diminishes our life experience and our performance. Can you and your team relate to our findings about how people experience a typical day or a week? While stress is a part of great achievement, this is a poor profile for leading others and for peak performance.
VP’s training and app are designed to improve performance by improving the way life is experienced.

Default Mindset

Mental Weakness

  • Mind wanders – easily distracted
  • Focused on the the uncontrollable
  • External world controls emotions
  • Can’t sleep, low energy & burn out

Performance Mindset

Mental Toughness

  • Present and focused
  • Controls the controllable
  • Controls internal state
  • Rested, fulfilled & inspired
"I use VP because it helps create a culture of mental toughness and connection. It dramatically improves leadership and performance."
Dan Quinn - Head Coach, Atlanta Falcons

"VP goes beyond mindfulness. It significantly improved my mental toughness and ability to connect with and lead others."

– John Murphy, Global Head of Futures, Mizuho Securities

"VP has taught me how to be present, engaged and at and now. VP has profoundly impacted me personally and professionally."

- Paul Montello, Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual

"VP gets to the internal cause of the emotional volatility and stress that hinders the mastery process. VP improves performance, fulfillment, and overall well-being."

– Jim Genatone, National Sales Director, Teva Neuroscience

"I strongly recommend VP for anyone interested in improving their life experience and their personal and professional growth."

– Nina Lerner, LCSW, MSW - Columbia University, MBA - Fordham University

"VP is the solution that law enforcement is searching for. It can dramatically help officers deal with the pressures of today's force."

- Robert Kuehl, Deputy Chief, Kansas City, Missouri Police Dept.

"VP powerfully improved the way I experienced the world. It allowed me to feel much greater peace, enjoyment and fulfillment."

– Kristin Chandler, Chief of Staff, Waddell & Reed

"The VP system changed the mindset of our team to improve enjoyment, behavior and performance. The ROI with VP is very strong."

- Joe Sheenan, SVP of Mortgage Banking, Cornerstone Bank

VP's concepts reduce stress instead of trying to cope with it. I was able to apply it immediately to reduce stress, gain clarity, and improve my life experience."

– Joe Adams, CEO, 1st Security Bank of Washington

"Few coaches create a culture where players can maintain a mindset for great performance. VP taught me how to maintain this mindset regardless of my environment."

- Tony Moeaki, Tight End, Chicago Bears

"I have had improved clarity, better trading results and enjoyed life way more since I started VP."

- John Farley, Portfolio Manager, Emil van Essen, LLC

"VP helps sales people tap into true attraction and enhanced character as opposed to using external and disingenuous techniques."

– Sue Filipovich, Keller Williams Real Estate

"While I succeeded in the NFL using negative motivation, I did not enjoy the experience despite winning a Super Bowl. With VP I believe I would have been a better player and I know I would have enjoyed it more."

– Ryan Lilja, recently retired 10-year NFL veteran

"VP changes mindset to powerfully improve attitude, focus, buy-in, behavior and performance for coaches and players."

– Andre Coleman, NFL retiree and Wide Receivers Coach, Kansas State University

"A mental shift that is in line with VP got me to the big leagues. VP has helped me to enjoy life now that my playing days are over."

– Scott Podsednik, recently retired 10-year MLB veteran

"We are excited about improving the emotional welfare of young adults with VP."

– Bob Hannon, President, United Way Youngstown, Ohio

"VP helped me to quiet my mind, control my emotions, and stay in the present more. VP was the major reason I had by far the best season and school year."

- Nino Williams, K-State Basketball

"VP strengthened mental areas that I didn't realize were weak. The training and app sharpened my ability to focus and has been a game-changer personally and professionally."

– Cory Bittner, Financial Advisor, UBS

"VP improves mental toughness by helping the mind to focus on the present and what can be controlled. It enhances the ability to focus on the process and plan for the future with more clarity."
Scott Servais - Manager, Seattle Mariners

About Us

Our mission is to dramatically improve the way people experience life by improving their mindset.

A few years ago the Vision Pursue team members were tired of having insomnia and feeling dissatisfied, stressed and irritable even when we were enjoying business, academic and sports success. Research shows that we were not alone as stress and stress-related disorders and illnesses are prevalent and growing rapidly.

Most people escape stress through excessive drinking, eating, spending and TV watching. They also periodically try to change behavior and results by getting more knowledge, or using positive thinking, happiness techniques and goal setting. This usually does not create sustainable change, because it does not impact the source of the stress and behavior.

We have learned, and science has demonstrated, that an effective way to reduce stress and improve behavior and results is to improve mental functioning or mindset. Once the mindset is right, productive emotions and realized potential will follow.

Mental skills training that includes focusing on the process, mindfulness, meditation, and properly responding to emotions creates performance mindset. These types of skills are being used with great success in companies and by sports teams like the Chicago Cubs, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons and the Golden State Warriors.

VP training is effective, but more importantly, our app and system make the impact of the training sustainable as well as cost and time efficient.

Contact us to get more information about Performance Mindset™ and how it can dramatically help you and your organization.


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Leaders create a culture that is consistent with the way they experience life.


Russ Rausch, Founder

Russ Rausch, Founder

Russ is an executive with 15 years of C-Level experience with companies in the hedge fund and technology sectors. Russ was part of the executive team that took the trading software firm, Trading Technologies, Inc. (TT), from a 20-person startup to a successful 650-person global company as CFO, CIO, Head of Global Support and EVP of Global Buyside Sales.

Jon McGraw, Founding Member

Jon McGraw, Founder

Jon is currently an entrepreneur and mentor after recently retiring from the NFL after the 2011 season. During Jon’s 10-year NFL career, his leadership skills earned him the position of team captain and NFLPA team representative. Jon also completed NFL-sponsored business management and entrepreneurship programs at Harvard Business School and Wharton Business School.

Matt Andriusis, Founding Member

Matt Andriusis, Founder

Matt is a software development expert with over 17 years of architecting and building web-based and mobile application solutions. Most of his career has been dedicated to cutting edge systems for the financial industry where speed, security and reliability are crucial.

Melinda Wolford, Advisor

Dr. Melinda Wolford, Team Member

Melinda earned her Ph.D. in School Psychology with a minor in Neuropsychology. Melinda is the President of No Stone Unturned Foundation, which provides financial and therapeutic support for families with children with exceptionalities. She recently served as Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Youngstown State University and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.

Ian Connole, Advisor

Dr. Ian Connole, Team Member

Ian serves as the Director of Sport Psychology for the Kansas State University Athletic Department. He works with student-athletes, coaches and teams to pursue excellence on and off the playing fields. A former student-athlete himself, Ian is a Certified Consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and a member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry.